Restoring your teeth, the modern way

If you have lost teeth or are coping with dentures, you will know that everyday activities such as eating and speaking can be difficult or uncomfortable. It can also seriously affect your appearance and how you feel about yourself. We would all love a beautiful smile that we do not have to worry about and, for our patients at Greenside Dental Care near Mirfield, dental implants can provide just that. Dental implants are a secure, permanent solution that fits into your lifestyle and avoids the issues related to dentures.

Dental Implants near MirfieldHow do dental implants near Mirfield work?

The implants are carefully designed titanium screws that are fitted into the jaw during a minor surgical procedure, carried out under local anaesthetic. They are hidden beneath the gum and held in place by the bones and blood vessels meshing around them. When they are stable, the implants can be used as a secure base for a single replacement tooth, several teeth or a whole set of dentures. They function just like natural tooth roots, so that you can eat your favourite foods again and, apart from regular care, you can forget that you have them. An added benefit is that the implants stimulate the jaw and strengthen the bone when you bite or chew. If you have replacements that just sit on top of the gum, such as dentures or bridges, this does not happen and the tissues in the jaw can shrink back.

How many implants will I need?

Patients looking for dental implants near Mirfield often ask us how many they will need to replace multiple missing teeth. The good news is that one implant can usually support several replacement teeth so you will not need as many implants as you might imagine. We carefully assess your mouth using scans and x-rays. This allows us to plan your treatment and ensure that the implants can withstand the pressure created by eating. When you have dental implants near Mirfield with us, we look at the specific work you need to get the results that you want.

To help restore your quality of life and overall wellbeing, you may like to explore how having dental implants near Mirfield could benefit you.

Are you having problems with missing teeth?

Gaps caused by lost teeth have an obvious impact on your appearance, and they can also make eating and speaking difficult. Having gaps can be not only inconvenient, but can make you feel awkward and the resultant restricted diet can reduce your quality of life and nutritional intake. You may have resigned yourself to putting up with gaps or removeable dentures, which can come loose or be uncomfortable if they rub. If you would like to simplify your life, improve your appearance and benefit from a having a full set of teeth, then you may like to consider dental implants. Mirfield residents can use Greenside Dental Care and we are proud of our experience of fitting implants so that you can eat and speak easily again.

Dental Implants near MirfieldHow does the process work?

Having fully functioning teeth again may sound too good to be true, but when you choose to have dental implants near Mirfield with us, then it really is possible. The implants are small metal screws that are placed into the jaw during a minor operation. When they have stabilised, due to the bones and blood vessels of the jaw meshing around them, they are used as a secure base for replacement teeth. The healing process takes a few months but we can fit temporary teeth so that you are not left with gaps during that time.

Love your smile again

When you choose dental implants near Mirfield, you will find that they function just like natural tooth roots so are stable and hidden beneath the gum. Your replacement teeth are made to match the size and tone of any remaining teeth and to complement the shape of your mouth so your new look will be improved but very natural. Having a full set of teeth with no gaps not only gives you a more beautiful smile, but also provides your cheeks with support from the inside to prevent sagging. If you take good care of your new teeth, having dental implants near Mirfield is a stable, lasting solution to missing teeth.

We look forward to discussing how we can help you with dental implants near Mirfield and enable you to take pleasure in your smile again.

What to expect when you have dental implants near Mirfield

Dental implants near Mirfield are an increasingly popular way of replacing lost teeth. This is because they give you back the full functionality of your teeth and allow you to eat, talk, and laugh just as you did before, with no restrictions on diet, or fears of making a fool of yourself with wobbly false teeth.

That said, having dental implants can be quite a journey, and for some people it can take several months. The procedures and recovery times are getting quicker and quicker, but let’s take a look at a typical single implant procedure at Greenside Dental Care near Mirfield.

Your journey

Dental Implants near MirfieldWhen you opt for dental implants near Mirfield, you won’t be the first person who has felt daunted and anxious about the idea of having the dentist drill into you jawbone. However, it is worth knowing that there are fewer nerve endings in the jawbone than the teeth, so a local anaesthetic is plenty to numb the pain. That said, if you are particularly anxious, we’d far rather you opted for oral or intravenous sedation so that you can fully relax throughout the procedure.

When you are settled comfortably, and numbed, the dentist begins by cutting a flap through your gum into the area of bone where the implant will go. The dentist then carefully drills an artificial tooth socket into the bone, starting with a fine drill and gradually increasing the size of the hole. This is done slowly so as not to crack the bone, and with plenty of water to keep the bone cool. If it overheats, it can kill off important bone cells.

The titanium implants are inserted into the bone. Stage two is an important healing stage that can take several weeks. You will need a day or two in bed, and a soft food diet for a week or more, but you will gradually resume your normal routines, while the titanium implant and the bone tissue mesh together until the implant is held as firmly in place as a normal tooth root.

After that you come back to us, and we add an abutment with an internal screw onto which your new crown or bridge can be fitted.

Teeth that work properly

Imagine if a really important part of your house broke, the windows say. And you were told you could have them replaced, but although they would look alright to other people, they wouldn’t open or close and they would only let in about a quarter of the light they used to, and you’d have to buy new replacements in every eight years or so. You wouldn’t be very impressed or liable to buy them, would you?

And yet, until the last decade or two, this is exactly what has been happening with teeth. People lost their teeth, and were told they’d either have to compromise the integrity of neighbouring teeth to get new teeth on a bridge, or they’d have about a quarter of their usual chewing power with dentures. Neither is an appealing prospect, so it’s no wonder that so many of our patients at Greenside Dental Care near Mirfield are choosing something else. In Mirfield, dental implants are fast becoming the go-to choice for tooth replacement.

Dental Implants near MirfieldWhat is so great about dental implants?

The reason for the increasing popularity of dental implants near Mirfield is that they give you back the full functionality of your teeth. There is no faffing around with only being able to eat soft food in case your teeth can’t cope, or losing perfectly good teeth to hold them in place. This is because dental implants are fixed into the jawbone and therefore are as securely held in place as your jawbone used to hold your natural teeth.

Dental implants near Mirfield actually become part of the jawbone in a process known as osseointegration, whereby the titanium of the implants meshes with bone tissue and blood vessels. Having the implants in the bone like this also allows it to continue to receive the tiny vibrations, from the teeth clacking together when you eat, that tell the bone cells to renew themselves, keeping the jaw strong, healthy and youthful looking.

This means you can eat a wide and nutritious diet, and not have to worry about getting the pointy-chinned, sunken-cheeked look associated with tooth loss and premature old age. To find out more, why not come in for a consultation?

Great looking, natural-feeling replacement teeth

For people who’ve lost teeth near Mirfield, dental implants are a way of providing permanent replacement teeth that function like natural ones, and look as good as the real thing. With proper care, they will last for the rest of your life. And because they integrate with your bone structure, they provide important health benefits that are not available with removable dentures.

Cleaner and stronger

While removable dentures are a straightforward and beneficial way to replace missing teeth in Mirfield, dental implants from nearby Greenside Dental Care will give you a range of oral health benefits:

  • They prevent weakness in the jaw, reducing the risk of damage and maintaining the face’s underlying firmness;
  • They eliminate the gaps in your teeth, reducing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay by reducing the potential areas for harmful bacteria to hide in;
  • They are easy to clean. You brush them just like your natural teeth.

Dental Implants in MirfieldStages of improvement

After a discussion about your oral health at our friendly practice near Mirfield, dental implants are given to you in several stages, using a detailed treatment plan that’s customised to your needs. Firstly, the dentist will place small, screw-like metal posts into your gums, where the roots of the missing teeth used to be. Once your gums have healed after this, you will return to the dentist to have your new replacement teeth attached to abutments placed into the posts.


The metal posts allow the jawbone to receive the tiny vibrations that occur in the mouth as you talk and eat. These vibrations stimulate the bone material, which signals it to renew its cells, maintaining bone density, which is lost when there are no roots in the jaw. In this way, dental implants prevent the face from developing the sunken look that can develop in wearers of removable dentures.

Better oral health

Your new teeth will bring renewed confidence in eating, and make good oral hygiene easier to achieve. Your smile will look smarter, and you may find that certain words are easier to pronounce than they would be with removable dentures. And as long as the teeth are properly cared for, these improvements can last a lifetime.

Secure and effective replacement teeth

If you’re considering dental implants near Mirfield, nearby Greenside Dental Care offers a personalised course of treatment delivered by friendly and experienced dental professionals. Your replacement teeth will look and function just like your natural ones, allowing you to enjoy your food and drink as you did with your own teeth.

Suitable for many situations

Implant dentistry can be used to replace a whole set of teeth, or just a single tooth. So, whether you’ve lost many teeth for various reasons over the years, or whether you’ve accidentally knocked out a front tooth playing sports in Mirfield, dental implants will bring you long-lasting benefits that are less available with removable dentures.

Dental Implants near MirfieldA sturdy boost

Because the implants permanently fill the gaps in your smile, they remove the tricky spaces in which plaque and food debris can hide, so your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath is reduced. The remaining teeth are kept in line, too, because there’s no new space for them to drift into. Also, the implants integrate with your bone structure. You’ll be able to chew and bite your food with confidence. And as time goes on, the implant maintains the structure of the jawbone, preventing bone weakness and protecting the face’s underlying firmness.

Step-by-step procedure

Once your dentist has ensured your mouth is healthy enough for treatment to start, at our practice near Mirfield, dental implants in the form of small titanium posts will be placed into your gums. These sit in the gaps where the roots of the missing teeth used to be. After a period of healing, you will return to the dentist for the next stage, in which replacement teeth are attached to the tops of the posts. The biocompatibility of titanium actually stimulates the bone to produce new tissue and blood vessels which mesh with the implants, holding them securely in place when you eat and talk, just like natural teeth.

Better overall

Your new teeth will look after your health and give you a better-looking smile. Our dentists use modern techniques and up-to-date equipment to deliver this personalised treatment in relaxed surroundings. And if your implants are properly cared for, they can last for the rest of your life.

A lasting improvement to your oral health

For patients of Greenside Dental Care, near Mirfield, dental implants can provide a permanent improvement to the way the mouth functions as well as how it looks after tooth loss. We know that with just a few visits to our practice, implant dentistry can provide you with a boost to your oral health that can last for the rest of your life.

Better hygiene, stronger jawbone

Removable dentures are a relatively straightforward tooth replacement method that many people are familiar with. But getting dental implants near Mirfield will bring health benefits that dentures can’t match. They integrate with the jawbone to prevent jawbone deterioration. They eliminate gaps in the teeth, so plaque and food debris have fewer places to hide. Plus, they are easier to clean and their natural feel can even make it easier to pronounce certain words and phrases.

Dental Implants in MirfieldThe procedure

Before the implant procedure, our dentist will make a detailed assessment of your oral health, using modern imaging techniques to create a treatment plan tailored to your requirements. When your jaws and gums are ready, the dentist will insert small, screw-like titanium posts, into the gaps that the missing teeth left behind in the jawbone. After a period of healing, you will return to the dentist to have replacement teeth securely fixed to the tops of the posts.

Good vibrations

The fully integrated method of dental implant treatment is what brings one of the important advantages of having dental implants near Mirfield. The bone in the jaw receives tiny vibrations from the mouth, which are transmitted through the titanium posts from the teeth, as you eat or talk. These vibrations stimulate the bone to mesh with the implant, forming a stable base for the replacement teeth and maintaining the natural bone density that is lost during long-term use of removable dentures.

As well as reducing the risk of further damage and bone weakness, this feature means that the underlying firmness of your facial shape is maintained. The infamous ‘sunken’ look that can characterise the denture wearer is avoided.

Lifetime improvements

If properly maintained, with good daily dental hygiene and regular, routine dental check-ups, your dental implants will bring you a lifetime of improved oral health and everyday dental confidence.

Replacement teeth with natural strength

If you’re looking for dental implants near Mirfield, nearby Greenside Dental Care will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan that will restore your dental resilience while bringing back the harmony to your smile. Our dentists are passionate about making long-term improvements to your oral health and the relaxed, professional surroundings will help you to feel at ease during your course of treatment.

Dental Implants near MirfieldWhy do people choose to have dental implants near Mirfield?

It might be that you need a whole set of teeth replacing because of the various types of damage and tooth loss that can occur as you get older. Or you could have accidentally knocked out one of your front teeth while playing sports. Equally, you might already have a removable replacement tooth, but are curious about the long-lasting health benefits that come from implant dentistry. At Greenside Dental Care, near Mirfield, dental implants are available for various situations. Whatever your reasons for choosing them, you are sure to benefit from all the health advantages they bring.

A solid defence

By filling in the gaps in your smile, dental implants remove the spaces where food debris and plaque can hide, so your risk of further tooth decay and gum disease is reduced. As the implant integrates with your jawbone, you’ll be able to bite and chew with more confidence than removable dentures can provide. As well as all this, the implant prevents the jawbone from weakening, helping to maintain the solidness of the face’s underlying structure.

Stages of improvement

After a detailed consultation with your dentist, who will ensure your oral health is robust enough for treatment to start, small titanium posts will be placed into the jawbone where the missing teeth used to be. After a period of healing, you will return to the dentist to have the replacement teeth attached to the tops of these posts. Over time, the tiny vibrations that occur in the mouth when you talk or eat will stimulate the jawbone to mesh with the titanium posts. The end result is that your newly restored teeth, firmly attached with dental implants, will feel and function like natural ones.

Achieve a great new smile with dental implants near Mirfield

You don’t have to miss out on life just because you are missing one or several teeth. You can now replace your missing or badly damaged teeth with dental implants, which are strong, lightweight and provide a stable foundation for replacement teeth that feel, look and function just like your natural teeth. Titanium implants have been used in dentistry with success since the 1970s and can replace almost any missing tooth with permanent results.

At Greenside Dental Care near Mirfield, dental implants are our treatment of choice for patients who have lost their natural teeth due to decay, gum disease or other oral health problems. We offer comprehensive dental services that include placing the dental implants and restoring them with a natural-looking prosthetic tooth or teeth. Our experienced dentists will create a strong foundation for your dental implants in order to give you a long-lasting, beautiful smile.

Dental Implants near MirfieldTell me more about dental implants

Dental implants are small titanium posts that have been designed to substitute missing tooth roots. They are surgically inserted into the jawbone, where they attach to the bone tissue over time, creating a sturdy foundation for replacement teeth.

If there isn’t enough bone to support an implant, bone grafts or other procedures to generate bone are often possible. However, patients with several missing teeth can now benefit from new techniques such as Teeth in a Day or All-on-4, where dental implants and tooth restorations are placed in the mouth in only a few hours.

After the area below the jawbone heals, and the dental implants attach themselves to the living bone, an abutment extension is added. This will eventually hold the completed permanent crown, which is custom-made to match the shape and colour your natural teeth. The same process used for replacing single missing teeth can also be used for on multiple teeth. In this case, implant-supported bridges and dentures are employed to provide support and stability.

Achieve your best smile with dental implants near Mirfield

If you are an adult in good health and maintain great oral hygiene, you may be eligible for dental implants. Contact our dental practice today to learn more about your options.