Dental implant treatment

Dental implants are a popular method for replacing missing teeth. People tend to lose their teeth either through injury or through gum disease caused by poor oral healthcare Having gaps in your mouth can lead to a decline in confidence and you may find yourself smiling and laughing less.

At Greenside Dental Care near Mirfield, dental implants are an increasingly popular way for our highly-experienced dentists can resolve your missing teeth problems. Having dental implants fitted can be quite a long journey, and it is important to understand what you are committing to before you begin.

Dental Implants near MirfieldDental implants or dentures?

Dentures are the traditional and still popular treatment for restoring missing teeth. They are false teeth that work by fitting over the gums. Like dental implants, dentures can come as a set of teeth or individually to replace a single tooth. However, unlike dental implants, most dentures are made of acrylic and need to be removed for cleaning and to rest the gums. When you choose dentures, your will carefully measure your arches and gums so that they can provide teeth that will fit snugly over the gums. In order to maintain the durability of dentures they need to be regularly cleaned to ensure they stay germ free.

On the other hand, getting dental implants near Mirfield will require a lengthier treatment period. This is because a surgical procedure where titanium screws are inserted into your gums must take place first, after which a time of healing is necessary before the replacement teeth can be fixed onto the screws. Therefore, at Greenside Dental Care near Mirfield, dental implant treatments may take up to six months. Dental implants have a high success rate of over 98% and are expected to last a lifetime. Dentures need replacing every few years. The replacement factor is an important one to consider when comparing the costs of implants versus dentures.

Your decision

Dental implants and dentures each have their pros and cons. Before you patients can choose one or the other, our dentists will check on the health of your gums and bones to determine whether they can handle implants. Regardless of which treatment you go with, both will fulfil their purpose of replacing missing teeth and giving the confidence to smile and laugh happily.