Keep my family healthy

At Greenside Dental Care in Cleckheaton we believe that by bringing your child to visit us from an early age, you can help them to have a healthy, happy smile for life. We offer limited NHS dentistry for children, as well as private children's dentistry. Most of our children's appointments are carried out on Thursday and Friday afternoons, although of course we will always endeavour to arrange appointments at the most convenient time for you and your family.

We recommend that you register your child with us soon after birth, and bring them in when their first teeth start to appear. Of course, this varies from child to child, with some babies born with a few teeth already erupted. If you are wondering when to bring your baby in, please get in touch with our practice manager, who will be able to offer personalised advise to suit your child's needs.

Greenside Dental Care is firmly focussed on preventative dentistry – helping to stop problems before they start. By establishing a good dental care routine at home, and encouraging regular visits to the dental practice, you will help your child to see this as a positive experience, and the dentist as a friendly face they look forward to seeing every six months.

Studies have shown that fear and phobia of the dentist can often be traced back to a negative experience during childhood. The team at our Cleckheaton practice are highly experienced in working with children, and will work hard to ensure they feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. We offer both fluoride varnish and fissure sealants, which help to guard against tooth decay. Our oral health educators and hygiene team can also provide advice on home care and diet, always delivered in an age-appropriate and engaging manner.

Many children benefit from coming along with a parent, guardian, or older sibling for their first appointment. By watching and copying what they see, your child will get used to sitting in the dentist's chair and opening their mouth to let their clinician look at their teeth, and will soon see that visiting the dentist is nothing to be scared of.